Who I Am

Raised in the fast-paced city of Chicago, I grew up with an insatiable desire to explore, to learn, and to seek new experiences, cultures, and ideas. 

That innate curiosity fuels my work to this day — and is what drove me to spend years steeped in the inner workings of some of New York City’s most prominent brands; Meta, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Pride Global, and CS Global. 

ZEITGEIST LABS is a direct result of fusing that curiosity with my past career experiences and an obsession with digital culture.

Today, I’m dedicated to helping small to medium-sized startups, globally-renowned brands, and Fortune 500 companies solidify their digital presence and maximize their use of digital marketing to reach new heights and attract new audiences.      

I believe the best in business is yet to come —

and who better to collaborate with than those setting the standard?


What I Do

Digital marketing and strategy are at the core of everything that I do.

My mission is to provide businesses of all sizes the toolkits they need to achieve measurable and creative success.  

Today, I am a Marketing Consultant at ZEITGEIST Labs, a Contributor at Entrepreneur Media and am an advisor to multiple tech startups.

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What Our Clients Say...

Global Staffing Agency Co-Founder

"Lena has been intentional about curating content to resonate with all stakeholders while servicing as a true advisor and Business Partner. Our brand is much more recognizable due to her influence!"

PR Agency Founder, Publicly-Traded Clean Energy 

"Lena always provides top-notch service. I can always count on her."

Forex Startup Founder, Web3

"Lena successfully put together a clear vision behind our brand after we struggled severely. I am so happy with our consistency across platforms."



Looking for Digital Marketing Support?

Let's bring your business to the forefront of your industry. Let me know what you're looking here for so we can make your business successful. 

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